Wednesday, February 13, 2019

D6x6 Killing Spirits


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D6 This killing spirit appears
1 like a wolf seen through the eyes of a child it’s about to eat, mostly dripping, toothy maw.
2 as a silvery owl whose eyes shine like full moons.
3 as a great cat scabbed snout to tail with others’ gore.
4 as an ursine shadow that roars like thunder.
5 as an eagle with the neck and fangs of a serpent.
6 clothed in a human skin.
D6 It leaves its victims
1 with their guts torn out through their throat. Its limbs are long, its claws are hooked.
2 crushed, with the shards of their broken bones picked out of the mess. It likes to kill by pouncing then increasing its mass atop its prey.
3 pierced in a dozen places. A crown of antlers towers from its brow, which it enjoys using for brutal impalement.
4 hamstrung, flensed below the knees. Its body is lanky yet lithe, and it can outrun any mortal beast.
5 cooked to perfection. It has grown fond of fire, and uses it as masterfully as any person.
6 impaled on the highest branch it can find. It’s tall, and can become even taller.
D6 It is
1 forbidden from killing anyone not explicitly named by the shaman who called them. It can still maim, just not kill.
2 required by primordial taboo to announce its hunt to those it intends to kill.
3 More interested in testing itself against worthy opponents than it is in slaughter.
4 obsessed with collecting more impressive trophies than the ones already in its hoard, potentially to the detriment of its mission.
5 barred from entering a home with a lit hearth, but not from trying to extinguish the hearth from outside.
6 unable to touch anyone who has not killed before. It can still harm them, it just can’t touch them to do it.
D6 It’s called from
1 the south-stretched fingers of Hyperborean ice.
2 the dappled hearts of woods where no human has trespassed and lived.
3 a cave painted by inhuman hands.
4 mountains crowned by lightning storms.
5 bogs where sacrificed bodies pickle into mummies.
6 the darkest part of a lightless night.
D6 The shamans who call on this killing spirit
1 have traded their faces for masks and their tongues for knives.
2 eat only others’ filth.
3 hold their hearts in ever-beating drums.
4 are married to freezing winds.
5 weep tears of bloody black bile for every slight they have yet to revenge.
6 sleep like bears and wander the world in their dreams.
D6 This killing spirit can be turned on the shaman who called it
1 by the demand of their child. One must always exist.
2 by offering it a better price.
3 by starving somewhere it cannot claim you.
4 by confronting it with the name it held when it was mortal.
5 by disguising yourself as the shaman, and the shaman as yourself.
6 by making a convincing appeal to their superior. Their superior is likely an even killing-er spirit.

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