Wednesday, October 24, 2018

D20x5 Wacky Wands

Converted from my reddit post here:

Wands, I don't like: Regular spell dispensers.

Wands, I do like: Spell dispensers that incorporate "wandness" somehow. Draw a line in the air and then a buzzsaw spins in the air from one end of the line to the other. Wave it in time like a conductor's baton. Even something as simple as where the wand is pointed. Wrestle with the wizard so they can't blast you in the face with a screaming skull-blast. Yes.

That kind of goes for other magic objects too. Flaming sword? Nah. Sword that leaves cuts that bleed lava from whatever they're cut into? OK.

How do you recharge these wands? How many charges do they have? That is beyond the scope of this post. I'm sure there's other random generators for that. Maybe you can even make it up as you go.

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