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D20x5 Bountiful Bows

Yeah I misspelled diabolical what're you gonna do about it.

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D20This bow is made
1 from slats of baleen pulled from the mouth of a world-devouring whale.
2 out of iron extracted from vampire blood.
3 from the ribs and femurs of a world-historical conquerer.
4 from gold bejeweled with rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.
5 from the antlers of a peryton.
6 out of the hands of a doomsday clock.
7 from the rim of a barrel used by the gods to store the mead of poetry.
8 from the shell and pearl of a giant oyster.
9 from a scythe-blade stolen from a soul-reaping psychopomp.
10 out of a segmented length of stones torn from the base of a grand wall that rebuffed a terrible barbarian invasion.
11 from partially-calcified behold eyestalks.
12 from the nails of a hecatoncheire.
13 from a shard fallen from the sky itself, knocked loose by an incursion of star-ghouls.
14 from some fossilized branches of ferns of a line that survived every mass extinction since their genesis.
15 from the silver branches of a tree from the Land of the Ever-Young.
16 from the heartwood of a tree that grew upon the grave of a famous wizard.
17 from an articulated keystone pulled from a grand temple's main gate.
18 from the teeth of a lord among tigers.
19 from a sliver of a crescent moon captured in an enchanted mirror.
20out of frozen ectoplasm, taken from the manifestation of a ghost that died long enough ago to be forgotten by the universe and everything in it.
D20This bow is strung with
1 lion-gut cord. Loosing an arrow from it makes a sound like a lion roaring.
2 a moonbeam. When exposed to the light of the full moon its damage is doubled, but under the new moon it loses its magic power.
3 a giant's sinews.
4 the hair of a sacrificial sacred king.
5 a bolt of lightning. It makes a sound like thunder every time an arrow is loosed from it.
6 a divine serpent's tongue.
7 silk milked from worms glutted on the blood of warriors who've never fled a battle.
8 a puff of smoke that drifted from a witch's pyre.
9 the rigging of a ship that circumnavigated the world.
10 a sliced section of the banner of a conquering legion.
11 a chain that used to bind a titan.
12 a band of alchemical elastic.
13 a wire stretched from a defiled brass idol.
14 golden strands of hay spun by an unnameable fairy.
15 a stream of flowing mercury.
16 a rainbow.
17 a strand of knots sealed with storms by a sea-hag.
18 a strip of paper pulped from a treant.
19 the tail of a trickster monkey deity.
20the belt a great artist used to hang themself with.

D20This bow's power
1 is that arrows it looses expand into a bramble of wood, feathers, and metal barbs around the targets they hit, acting as the Entangle spell.
2 is that arrows it looses stretch across time and space into shimmering tachyon beams. They suffer no range penalties, and always strike first in the initiative order even if their archer did not. If a tachyon beam arrow kills a target who had already acted that round then their actions are retroactively cancelled out.
3 is that arrows it looses can curve around cover in flight, do loop-de-loops, and other such tricks.
4 is that whenever its string is pulled an arrow materializes. It never runs out of ammo.
5 is that it strikes terror into those it strikes. The first target hit by an arrow loosed from the bow in a combat must immediately save vs. morale at disadvantage or flee.
6 is that once per day it can loose a heart-piercing arrow. If this arrow is fired at a living thing with a heart it can't miss, and that thing must save vs. death or instantly die as the arrow burrows through their heart.
7 is that any arrows it looses and any wounds it deals are completely imperceptible by its targets and any other of its wielder's enemies.
8 is that it can loose anything its wielder can hold in one hand as if it were an arrow. If it wouldn't deal damage if thrown it doesn't deal damage as an arrow. Anything from swords to potions to whispers might be loosed.
9 is that it can transmute arrows it looses into venomous snakes mid-flight.
10 is that three times per day its wielder can affect a target struck by its arrow as if Charm Monster had been cast on them by a magic-user of their level.
11 is that arrows it looses fuse into whatever they strike, becoming impossible to remove until the wielder of the bow is killed. The bowstring can be strummed to reverberate in the direction of one of its fused arrows.
12 is that its wielder gains flashes of insight into the minds of those it strikes.
13 is that arrows it looses transform mid-flight into birds of the same sort as the feathers they're fletched with. These birds last for one minute before they disappear in a puff of feathers, and obey the commands of the bow's wielder.
14 is that once per day an arrow it looses can be transformed into a ballista bolt.
15 is that if an arrow it looses slays its target, that arrow can lunge out and strike another nearby target.
16 is that arrows it looses strike with resounding force, knocking back those it hits 5 feet for every point of damage it deals. Distance increases or decreases based on how far the target is from human mass.
17 is that arrows it looses seal the magic of things they strike for 1d4 rounds.
18 is that it deals twice as much damage to those who've broken an oath with its wielder.
19 is that arrows it looses can be transformed into grappling hooks of woven wood and wire, and reeled in with a strength of 18.
20is that arrows it looses transform into spinning chakram-like discs. They'll sever limbs on a critical hit.

D20In order to function properly, this bow
1 can only be used in times of mortal need.
2 must be kept by its wielder's side at literally all times.
3 requires the blessing of a higher religious or temporal authority for a mission it's used for.
4 must first be used by its wielder to slay an enemy stronger than any they've faced before.
5 requires its wielder to spare one enemy for every enemy it kills.
6 must be used to avenge blasphemies spoken in its presence.
7 requires its wielder to challenge rival archers to a contest of skill when encountered.
8 must be wielded to the exclusion of other weapons.
9 must have a prayer for forgiveness offered for its sake whenever it's used to kill.
10 must have a libation poured over it whenever its wielder has a meal.
11 must have war-songs sung to it while it's used.
12 must be ritually married by its wielder.
13 must be kept spotlessly clean.
14 cannot be seen by those who either haven't killed with it or will be killed by it.
15 must be allowed to "sleep" three days for each day it's used.
16 must be washed in fragrant oils if a battle it's used in is lost or fled from.
17 must be used to kill one person related to its wielder.
18 be addressed and treated as if it were a real person of noble rank.
19 must be bathed in the blood of an enemy each day.
20must only be used for honourable combat.

D20According to legend, this bow
1 was used to assassinate an emperor and thrust their former empire into chaos.
2 was once wielded by a hero who united feuding tribes to fend off an unnatural invasion.
3 was used to pin the stars to the vault of the sky to prevent their falling.
4 shot out the sun god's second eye, whose glare was roasting the world.
5 once slew a leviathan and prevented it from drowning all life on land.
6 was central to the tragic end of two star-crossed lovers.
7 dealt the wound that causes the moon's waning.
8 is so fearsome it stained the mountains' crowns white.
9 turned the tide of a slave revolt and won freedom for those born in bondage.
10 was hung as a mere decorative heirloom on the wall of an aristocratic house until an aggrieved servant took it to exact their vengeance.
11 loosed an arrow that pierced the throat of a diabloical bard who was prophesied to sing the song that would end the world.
12 will be found by a warrior who will turn the world's order on its head.
13 killed an emperor of bears who had been holding back the coming of spring to ensure an endless hibernating dream for his subjects.
14 is the key to a dungeon complex that contains wealth beyond imagining.
15 was made as insurance in case a primordial titan loosed its bounds. This bow is the only thing that could wound it and force it back into containment.
16 is the father of all amazons.
17 was made as a matched pair with a magic quiver, and together they achieve their true power.
18 was the weapon of choice of a mercenary captain who conquered a clutch of petty princedoms and transformed them into a merchant republic.
19 was sealed away as it was used to commit an unspeakable crime.
20was used to win an impossible contest and earn the hand of a divine princess.

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