Thursday, April 15, 2021

GLOG Class: Slasher

Some killers are born, others are made, and some have killing thrust upon them.

Regardless of how you came to be a killer, you've taken to it like a fish to water.

You don't kill for ideology, money, revenge, anything petty like that. It's an art-form, something to be done for its own sake.

Your legend is small right now, whispered of by a handful in marginal corners, but with time and blood it could swell into true infamy.

Someday Death may smile upon you and answer that age-old question posed to it with: "Here is my sting".

GLOG Class: Slasher
Starting Equipment: signature weapon, mask
A: Mutilation, Sequel Bait
B: Master of Fear
C: Inescapable, Grisly Display
D: Rampage

You gain +1 HP for every Slasher template you possess, which you can only access while wearing your mask. For every two Slasher templates you possess you deal +1 damage with your signature weapon.


Mutilation: When you down an enemy you can choose to kill them in a particularly brutal fashion. This makes any other enemies who can see you do it immediately have to test morale. Enemies with 3 HD or more than the enemy you mutilated get advantage on their test.

Sequel Bait: You can play dead so well it's indistinguishable from being dead to anything but magical or intensive medical investigation. A number of times equal to your Slasher [templates], if you would be reduced below 1 HP, you can instead save to remain at 1 HP and automatically play dead. If you've got 3 Slasher templates your ruse is absolutely undetectable by any means.


Master of Fear: When an enemy fails a morale test as a result of your actions, you can loosely choose what their fear response will be, within the general limits of a fight/flight/freeze response. This also applies to successful intimidation attempts.


Inescapable: You can keep pace with anyone fleeing from you while you're chasing them. If they're fleeing by some extraordinary means (flight, teleportation, etc.) then they must save at a penalty equal to your Slasher [templates] or you'll somehow appear on their tail in the next appropriate spot.

Grisly Display: You can work the bodies of your victims into horrifying exhibitions that allow you to make intimidation checks at a distance on anyone who sees them.


Rampage: Once per day, while wearing your mask and wielding your signature weapon, you may go on a rampage. While on a rampage, mutilating an enemy grants you 1d6 temporary HP, up to a maximum of 20 HP total. Temporary HP last as long as the rampage does. The rampage lasts so long as you are fighting or pursuing enemies.


  1. I feel like Grisley Display should just be something anyone can do, I don't like locking it behind an ability like that. I'd probably add something about it taking supernaturally fast or something, just a little something to make it more special... otherwise I love it lol, top-notch shit

    1. I agree. Maybe you can do it retroactively/in response to their actions? It doesn't matter which door they open, you've *always* got a corpse display and it's pointing the right way as well

    2. Good points all. Maybe something about setting up traps more quickly/effectively in general, particularly if you use parts from your victims.