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D20x5 Rash Rakshasas

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D20This rakshasa has the head of
1a rabid dhole, foaming at the mouth. They are explosively short-tempered.
2an elephant whose trunk is a leech. They will hold a grudge even long after the target of it has died.
3a snow leopard. They are cold and unfazeable.
4a tiger. They are proud and cruel even by the standards of their kind.
5a fanged kiang. They are wild and hate restrictions more than anything else.
6a vampire bat. They are obscure and secretive even when it might help them to be more direct.
7a gangetic dolphin. They loathe tedium and try to make everything into a game.
8a wild buffalo. They are ferociously loyal, and expect the same of their fellows. Any falling short of this is considered treachery of the lowest sort.
9a lion with a braided and bejewelled mane. They believe that all creatures exist to serve them, and that behaviour to the contrary violates the natural order of things.
10a hooded cobra. They are spiteful and can’t help but insult everyone around them.
11a leopard. They live for the hunt and testing themself against worthy prey.
12a wild boar with spiralling tusks. They can’t stand pretension or aristocratic seemings, except in themself.
13an albino crocodile. They are slothful in everything except weaving webs of conspiracy, and prefer to get others to do the hard and dirty work for them.
14a bengal fox. They will always speak lies if they think they can get away with it.
15a black bharal with pupils that dilate into rude sigils. They delight in blasphemy and obscenities.
16a caracal. They see everything in transactional terms, and hold no higher good than turning a profit.
17a lynx. They can’t relax around someone until they’ve proven their superiority to them.
18a great hornbill. They are paranoid and tend to layer every sort of protection around themself.
19a leering mongoose. They are compelled to scheme and feud well above their ability to follow through.
20a hyena. They laugh at murder and quiver at the sunrise. Their reactions are never quite what you’d expect.
D20This rakshasa has the body of
1a great ape. They are prone to fits of bestial idiocy.
2a gaunt, starving person. They are never satisfied.
3an obese person. They adore luxury and indulgence.
4a muscular man. They will tolerate no challenge to their warrior’s honour.
5a voluptuous woman. They enjoy seducing others into self-destruction.
6a rotting corpse. They are morbid and prefer to keep the company of the dead over the living.
7an ash-painted ascetic. They maintain a facade of piety when it’s convenient.
8a lanky giant. They consider all things to be within their rightful grasp.
9a scrawny runt. They’re driven by a tremendous Napoleon complex.
10a sumo wrestler, or a powerlifter: plump and buff. They consider themself a peer of even the highest gods.
11a lithe dancer. Grace and beauty (or their lack) carry the weight of right and wrong for it.
12a scarred and mutilated flagellant. They resent their evil nature but can never overcome it for long.
13a hunched and decrepit ancient. They see the world through jadedness that comes by long epochs lived in it.
14a deformed mutant with an uneven number of limbs. They have a loathsome love for the outcast and pariah.
15a skinless vivisectee. They feel no distinction between pleasure and pain.
16a wrinkled and saggy elder. They can’t stand change, and push for stagnation wherever possible.
17a lesioned leper. They fear the contamination of humanity.
18someone singed and burned, red raw flesh peeking between the cracks in black char. They wish to destroy themself and everything else along with them.
19a crooked, broken person. Their mind is as fractured as their body.
20a child. They are young for their kind, and keen to prove themself.
D20This rakshasa’s lair
1is infested with monkeys, their inconstant servants.
2is a fortress lost to the encroaching jungle.
3is a slum of which they’re the lord of. They keep their ownership hidden behind layers of proxies.
4is the camp of a bandit clan who venerate and fear them.
5is an opium den bent by its patrons’ collective fantasies leaking into reality.
6is a grotto behind a waterfall.
7is a tower where corpses are left for birds.
8is vast blue halls carved through a mountain glacier.
9contains a menagerie of colourful beasts from across the earth.
10is a huge howdah atop the back of an equally huge tortoise.
11is a gargantuan cenotaph to all the world’s dead.
12is hidden two-dimensionally in the figures of a shadow play.
13is in a Grand Guignol-esque theatre where public sensibility is challenged by scandal and gore.
14is a haunted palace abandoned by a now-extinct dynasty because of the weight of its tragedy.
15is a castle that floats on a cloud of congealed miasma.
16is hidden magically in a bazaar, accessible only by those who make a coded series of transactions.
17is a keep on a borderland, the garrison of which has been subverted from soldierly professionalism to base bloodlust by the rakshasa’s forged orders.
18warps and twists like a living thing. Rooms and passages within it change between encounters.
19contains a hive of torture chambers outfit with every imaginable implement.
20imprisons a petty divinity, being slowly drained of blood to win the favour of a clan of leech-men.
D20This rakshasa’s magic
1inflicts terror and hallucinations.
2manipulates dreams and nightmares.
3conjures up demons. They have many infernal favours to call in, but in turn are bound by bizarre taboos.
4lets them warp and weave flesh. Their lair is decorated with their living art pieces.
5lets them change size, and into the shape of any beast.
6can alter the weather for miles around.
7calls forth sickness and contamination.
8raises unburied and unburned corpses under their command.
9comes from a divine artifact they have stolen and profaned.
10can create cold fire and burning ice.
11twists shadows and makes them physical objects.
12can dominate weak and desperate wills.
13draws on the stuff of wastelands: sandstorms that flay flesh from bone, starvation that withers its victims away in seconds, and the like.
14is prone to flaring uncontrollably due to an old wound they received from a cursed blade.
15was sealed away by a bodhisattva. They’d do anything to get it back.
16can peer into the dark secrets held in mortal hearts.
17lets them pass invisibly and fly on the wind.
18augments their swordplay and archery.
19weaves smoke and razors like a spider’s web.
20is enhanced by their pacts with the dark spirits of the land. Breaking those would weaken them.
D20This rakshasa plots
1to gather a cult by posing as a god.
2to exploit a heroic warrior’s tragic flaw to precipitate their downfall.
3to desecrate the temple and slaughter the priests of a minor sect.
4to break into a royal tomb and eat the noble bones within.
5to host a festival for the damned in the streets of an unsuspecting city on an inauspicious date.
6to artificially manufacture a child by merging the head of an animal with a decapitated human body.
7to trick a monk off the path of enlightenment.
8to arrange a mass sacrifice and harness its power to ascend to a more terrible form.
9to foment an invasion of a neighbouring nation and use that as cover to steal their lore and artifacts.
10to seduce the betrothed heir of a kingdom and so bring two families and crowns into strife.
11to arrange the omens which mark the turning of the cosmic calendar and so prematurely start the age of discord.
12to kidnap the newborn incarnation of a god and raise them to be a faithful servant.
13to fake their defeat at the hands of a false champion they’re working behind the scenes with, to cement that champion’s reputation as a saviour. Both are planning to eventually betray the other.
14to churn a stagnant, poisoned lake with an army of slaves and so produce the elixir of mortality for use against divine enemies.
15to flood the region with weapons and unrest.
16to sic a sacred inquisition against a rival rakshasa so that the two wipe each other out.
17to set themself up as the head of a drug-dealing criminal empire.
18to engage in karmic arbitrage so that they and their lackeys are reincarnated into favourable positions.
19to raise an artificial celestial body into the sky and corrupt astrological workings to their ends.
20to impersonate the royal vizier and counsel the lord into committing atrocities.

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