Thursday, October 3, 2019

D50x2+D20 Conditional Invulnerabilities

D50This being cannot be harmed by
1blades, spears, nor any edged or piercing weapons,
2any beast of the land, bird of the air, or fish of the water,
3anyone who seeks to do them deliberate harm,
4sneak attacks, ambushes, and backstabs,
5anyone who has killed before,
11hammers, maces, or any other bludgeon,
12any ranged weapon,
13starvation, suffocation, nor any other sort of deprivation,
14the living,
15manufactured things,
16fire, acid, or anything else that burns and stings,
17mortal wounds (though not any wounds that fall short of mortal),
18anything which does not come from the northeast,
19sickness or poison,
20the decrepitude of aging,
21sighted people,
22sober people,
23people who are awake,
24metal or stone, wood or bone,
25anyone with all their limbs,
26anyone who hasn’t been invited into their home,
27anything that’s ever drunk its mother’s milk,
28weapons that have been used before,
29the same thing more than once,
30anything which would not kill them in a single blow,
31any attack that strikes their skin (orifices and internals remain vulnerable),
32any attack outside the bounds of a formal duel,
33anyone with hair on their head or face,
34anything that is indoors or outdoors,
35either the old or the young,
36anything held in a hand,
37any attack which comes from above or below them,
38any attack which would leave a mark on their body,
39any attack which makes a noise,
40any moving object,
41fire, earth, air, water, or anything derived from the same,
42anything solid,
43anyone who holds a worldly possession,
44anyone who’s accepted a gift from them,
45anyone they can perceive,
46any attack aimed directly at them,
47anyone close enough to touch them,
48anyone wearing less expensive clothes than them,
49anyone who can’t rightly answer their riddle,
50anyone who’s told a lie,
1they’ve fallen in love.
2they’re laughing.
3their feet are touching the ground.
4they’ve displeased their spiritual patron who granted their invulnerability.
5it is a holy day.
6they are directly beneath the open sky.
7they’ve breached the code of hospitality.
8they’re standing still.
9their true name is known by one who wishes them harm.
10they’re clean.
11they’ve recently eaten meat.
12the one who wishes them harm is a relative of theirs, by blood, marriage, adoption, or otherwise.
13they haven’t slept in the dirt of their homeland in the last three days.
14the horrific parasite that grants their invulnerability has been extracted or regurgitated from their stomach.
15they’re officially recognized as a criminal in the land they’re in.
16they are beaten in some non-violent contest.
17they can hear music.
18their special hat is knocked off their head.
19they’re shown their own reflection.
20the painting which receives wounds in their stead is destroyed.
21they’ve done a kind deed since the sun last rose.
22they’re upside-down.
23the one who wishes them harm accepts an identical wound.
24the harm is first dealt to a model made in their image.
25someone is ritually harmed by the same mean(s) in front of them.
26they believe it’s actually another source of harm.
27it’s the night of the new moon.
28they refuse an invitation.
29their second heart which they hid in a chest is destroyed.
30they’re inebriated.
31they’re too distracted to concentrate on maintaining their partial invulnerability.
32they’re in the shadow of a black cat.
33they inhale the smoke from a cremated corpse.
34three religious leaders of different faiths issue condemnations of them.
35they’ve just had the best day of their life.
36they’re prepared as a live sacrifice for a fell deity.
37they’re beaten in a rhyming contest.
38a mock funeral is held for them.
39they believe they’re already dead.
40they walk under a doorway where an iron horseshoe’s hung.
41they’re slapped with a fish.
42the harm is done with their opposite, a partially unstoppable weapon created in the same moment they became (sort of) invulnerable.
43the means of harm has been coated or mixed with the juice of nightshade.
44they want to die.
45sunlight is shining on them.
46they’re buried in the dirt.
47a live snake is wrapped around their neck.
48they’ve been staked to a mountaintop.
49they’ve broken a hen’s egg.
50they’ve got blood on them.
D20Why is this being (conditionally) invulnerable?
1Fate has decreed that they must not die by certain means lest the fabric of the divine order of things be frayed.
2They drank a potion distilled from the waters in which Achilles was dipped by Thetis.
3They sold their soul to a demon for invulnerability, but had already promised a fragment of it to another entity so they didn’t get the whole package.
4They’re the god-child of a witch, who granted it as a gift.
5They’re a potent wild talent whose ability manifests in this manner duel to psychological idiosyncrasies.
6They meditated for years without stopping until the cosmos recognized their merit with this blessing.
7They’re a living glitch in physics.
8They burned away their weakness in primordial fire, which is to the paltry embers of these latter days as the tyrannosaurus rex is to the chicken.
9They were enchanted by a wizard to serve as a durable component in an occult machine.
10They’ve been made the live phylactery of a distant lich.
11They outwrestled an angel and so won a boon from it.
12They impressed a fairy-prince who then blessed them with it.
13The strength of their soul is such that some of its imperishable light reinforces their mortal flesh.
14They exacted promises from foundational spirits of the world not to do them harm if they keep to certain taboos.
15There’s an invincible adamant elemental somewhere up the trunk of their family tree.
16They grafted a scrap of leather from the divine aegis onto their flesh.
17They tricked the psychopomp responsible for managing their death.
18They were a test subject for an attempt at one of the great works of alchemy, the creation of the invincible and eternal Resurrection Body.
19For reasons unknown and incomprehensible to mortals they’ve gained the protection of an eldritch entity.
20It’s merely pure, astoundingly unlikely luck that they’re not harmed in certain circumstances.

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