Friday, April 3, 2020

D6x6 Wanton Wyverns

If you’re one of those people who debate whether a magic flying reptile is a dragon or a wyvern, there’s still hope for you. You can change.

D6 This wyvern has
1 an iron collar dangling a broken chain around its neck, and the names of those it’s killed carved in sharp calligraphy on its scales.
2 a drooling serpent’s head at the tip of its tail.
3 an arrow sunken into its crusty, infected left eye.
4 snaggled, needle-like teeth.
5 noxious green and yellow stripes.
6 a smooth, black carapace instead of scales.
D6 This wyvern’s poison
1 ignites its victims’ blood within their veins.
2 corrodes its victims’ intellect until they’re too dim to breath.
3 turns its victims’ bodies into leathery-skinned eggs that hatch into more wyverns.
4 eats light and annihilates living matter into nothingness.
5 infects its victims and those they come into contact to with a mindless rage.
6 acts as a mutual treacle if one takes it at the same time that they’re affected by another lethal poison. Otherwise it’s still deadly.
D6 This wyvern prefers to hunt
1 by corralling smaller prey in tight quarters so they can’t flank it.
2 by bursting out of ambush in a precarious environment for prey that can’t fly.
3 by charging in to panic its prey and fly off with the weakest-seeming member of the group.
4 by stalking prey from a distance until they’re worn down enough to be easy pickings.
5 by dive-bombing prey from out of the blue.
6 by driving herds to trample and tenderize its true prey.
D6 This wyvern’s territory
1 is the foothills around a bald mountain.
2 is a wasteland stalked by basilisks.
3 is a salt-lashed atoll.
4 is a will-o’-wisp-haunted fen.
5 is a rolling steppe where kurgans loom.
6 has its boundary marked out by mutilated corpses impaled on snapped trees.
D6 This wyvern’s nest
1 is littered with stolen eggs, some now hatched into hybrid abominations.
2 is made from the bones of its prey, melted together by its vitriolic saliva.
3 is home to a fresh brood of hungry, chirping young.
4 is decorated with primitive sculptures of claw-carved rocks.
5 is dug in a deep warren protected by false routes, deadfall traps, and a swarm of symbiotic beetles that live off its scraps.
6 floats in a pond of scummy, parasite-infested water.
D6 People might pay you to hunt this wyvern because
1 they believe it’s a true dragon and desire its miraculous heartblood.
2 if it’s not stopped soon its predation of their herds will drive them to starvation.
3 their local hero fell in battle against it and they desire the return of the magic weapon that hero wielded.
4 they believe it’s responsible for poisoning their crops. It is not. A witch is behind that, and behind scapegoating the wyvern as well.
5 it’s been scaring away the caravans they rely on for vital trade.
6 they want it captured alive so they can tame it and ride it into battle.


  1. There are also wyrms and drakes, to fully confuse the situation.

  2. Because of Warcraft 3 wyverns will always be brown cat bats to me lol. Like yexils from gamma world without the laser eyes