Friday, April 12, 2019

D10x10 Deadly Dragons

Now some dragons to go with these dungeons:

Generator generator here:

D10This dragon is the size of
1a bus.
2a train.
3an elephant.
4a tiger.
5a hill.
6a river.
7an ancient redwood.
8a tyrannosaurus rex.
9a blue whale.
10a grain silo.
D10This dragon’s body is
1almost humanoid, like a bear going about on its hind legs.
2sinuous, serpentine.
3squat and toadlike.
4lanky, near-emaciated.
5built like a tank.
6torpedo-shaped, sharklike.
7fattened like a hog before the slaughter.
8warped, the muscles bunched around the bones like a banyan around its host.
9like a bird of prey’s.
10like a bat’s.
D10This dragon’s scales
1are obscured beneath the man-faced ticks which cling to their body.
2appear to be from several different animals. Their underbelly is scaled like a fish, their head like a crocodile, their tail like a rat, or whatever else.
3have been reinforced with orichalcum wires.
4look like glittering gemstones.
5are each carved with an apotropaic eye.
6have fallen out except for a few patches, leaving bare, raw flesh.
7are hard polypores, a fungal infection sprouting from its flesh.
8are plates of delicately painted porcelain.
9are serrated chitin which scrape together with an awful noise like a cricket Armageddon.
10are actually feather, in all the colours of a sunrise.
D10This dragon moves
1uncannily, like a subtly glitched-out videogame model.
2suspiciously, with darting eyes and twitching digits.
3creakily, as though old and decrepit.
4like a dancer, every movement a flourish.
5carefully, picking each step as precisely as if it were walking on cracked ice.
6like an emperor, dignified and haughty.
7like a bull in a china shop.
8fluidly, too graceful to be made of mundane flesh and bone.
9like a blimp, bloated with buoyant gases.
10like a cat, creeping and pouncing, surprisingly stealthy for its size.
D10This dragon breathes
1a tide of intestinal parasites that will seek to invade the nearest orifice.
2a thick cloud of extremely flammable grease that will congeal on any surface exposed to it, making them ungrippably slippery.
3a volley of organic arrows fletched with phlegm.
4out sickening miamas, wheezing with every exhalation.
5gouts of lava, the molten stuff constantly dribbling from its mouth.
6a burst of swords, spears, axes, and every other weapon that’s been used to try to kill it.
7out the ghosts of everyone it’s ever eaten, which rush out to grab new victims and drag then back into its gullet.
8its own swiftly-regrowing teeth, which if allowed to take root in the earth will transform into reptilian soldiers.
9out echoes of natural disasters, a different one each time. Some options (1d6): 1, an earthquake; 2, a meteor strike; 3, a drought; 4, a flood; 5, a wildfire; 6, a hurricane.
10the essence of despair. For 1d4 rounds after being exposed, either do nothing as you wallow in it, or roll a save. On a success you may act normally. On a failure you must take the course of action which will kill you the quickest.
D10This dragon lairs
1in a mouldering labyrinth it’s dug out for itself at the bottom of a well.
2in a castle on a mountaintop.
3in a haunted forest.
4in a long-abandoned colosseum.
5in the ruins of a city wrecked by its rage.
6in a cave on a cliffside overlooking the sea.
7in plain sight, in the undercroft of a defunct cathedral, using the extensive tunnels beneath to come and go clandestinely.
8in a lush river valley, devouring any prospective settlers.
9in a gold mine, among the gnawed bones of its miners.
10in the quarry that was accidentally dig into its old den.
D10This dragon hoards
1novels. It has no writing talent of its own but hopes to analytically derive the formula for the perfect story from the collected books of humanity.
2children of every species, caring for them as best it can (not well), and eating them when they grow up.
3crowns and thrones, the proof of its superiority over all other would-be rulers.
4failed inventions, and their inventors, a circus of dead dreams.
5secrets, encoded in a cypher only they know. Ravens come to trade juicy bits of gossip in exchange for scraps of meat caught in their teeth.
6plants. Their lair is a garden of rare specimens.
7instruments and musician-slaves to play them.
8addicts and drugs. It enjoys toying with the former by controlling their access to the latter.
9idols, icons, and other religious paraphernalia.
10pots, pans, ovens, spices, and all other cooking supplies.
D10This dragon is served by
1Nothing and no one. Its temper is short and few could survive its tantrums.
2Golems made of stone and scorched bone. It would be too tempted to snack on living servants.
3a human tribe bred like dogs over generations to be ferocious, loyal warriors.
4its own malformed spawn, fed special poisons in infancy so that they would never grow to be a threat.
5a cult which worships its draconic might, with sleeper agents hidden throughout civilized lands.
6cringing kobolds dominated by terror of it.
7an alchemist who believes that samples from the dragon are the key to making the philosopher’s stone.
8sorcerous acolytes it’s convinced that it can make them into true dragons.
9lions, unicorns, manticores, and other heraldic beasts.
10peasant mobs who find service more palatable than consumption.
D10This dragon is hunted by
1a knight whose sworn love it slew.
2a younger prince who believes that killing it will raise him above his older sibling when inheriting the crown.
3a jilted princess whose love it scorned.
4a company of dwarven mercenaries who covet its hoard.
5an earthbound saint who defeated it in a previous life, and is now stuck reincarnating with it until the cycle is stopped for good.
6a mongoose demigod, hungry for the blood of the ultimate serpent.
7a demon it sold its soul to for the prize jewel of its hoard. The demon is too weak to collect what was promised to it on its own.
8a society of warrior-monks who by long tradition must anoint their new grandmaster with dragon-blood.
9a lich who wishes to make a robe from its hide.
10a master thief hired to acquire a particular item from their hoard.
D10This dragon’s heartblood
1can be drained to make a number of grenades equal to its HD that explode in a burst of its breath weapon.
2can be used to temper a weapon or piece of armour which will be more effective at fighting dragons when complete.
3can be used to brew a potion which will permanently grant its drinker the power to command unintelligent reptiles.
4can be used to brew a number of doses of instantly fatal poison equal to half its HD (rounded up).
5can be used to heal a fatal wound (sub-zero HP to 1 HP per HD), but the one who is healed gains (1d6): 1, a dragon’s greed; 2, a dragon’s eyes; 3, a dragon’s tail; 4, scales growing beneath their skin; 5, the stubs of wings poking from their back; 6, sharp teeth and an obligate carnivore diet.
6spawns entirely new species of reptile where it spills.
7bestows the dragons knowledge and memories on those who drink it.
8is just regular blood. Bummer.
9, if transfused into a baby, will increase all that baby’s physical stats by 1d6 when they mature, but in their dreams they will only ever be a dragon.
10makes any who taste it immune to fear.

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