Sunday, June 27, 2021

D6x6 Foundational Dungeon Fountains

Table automator here:

D6This fountain's water
1 is murky and foul-smelling.
2 is unnaturally pristine.
3 is overgrown with weeds and algae.
4 is spilling out onto the floor from a crack in its side.
5 is hot to the point of steaming.
6is cold, with chunks of ice floating atop.

D6This fountain's spout
1 is a pair of dragons fighting, water spewing from their mouths and wounds.
2 is a lotus, water spilling from within its petals.
3 is a trio of weeping women, one a maiden, one a mother, and one a crone.
4 is cherubs tipping out vases.
5 is an abstract sculpture of intertwined teardrop shapes.
6is a pelican cutting open its chest with its beak.

D6This fountain is occupied
1 by the drowned ghost of an adventurer with unfinished business elsewhere in the dungeon.
2 by a family of piranha-people who are reluctantly compelled to ravenous violence by the sight of blood.
3 by a near-invisible, highly venomous species of jellyfish.
4 by a species of minuscule humanoids who live on lilypad-villages and ply their canoes across its water to trade and war with each other.
5 by a naiad.
6by a crusty frog-man pretending to be a transformed prince.

D6This fountain gets water
1 from a spring passing through porous rock.
2 from a bound water elemental within it.
3 by being refilled by rusted automata.
4 through rainwater traps and efficient recycling.
5 by drawing it through ingeniously-designed pipes from an underground river.
6from an elaborate condensation mechanism.

D6This fountain's secret
1 is that it was originally built as a giant's bidet.
2 is there's a secret passage you can swim through at the bottom.
3 is that it's full of blessed holy water.
4 is that soaking in it will heal you, but make you dependent on soaking in water to heal naturally in the future.
5 is that the water is some other, less pleasant substance disguised by an illusion.
6is that people have tossed gold coins in it to make wishes. Taking a coin imposes a geas to fulfill its tosser's wish.

D6This fountain also
1 transmits memories to those who drink it.
2 contains a switch which will flood the area when flicked.
3 is a watering hole for a herd of cave-goats.
4 rapidly accelerates the growth of plants watered with it.
5 is decorated with a mosaic that depicts the true yet scandalous version of a historical event.
6is itself sentient and capable of musical speech through its spouts.

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