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D20x5 Elf-Knights

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D20This elf-knight’s armour
1is a cloak of wasps pinned together by their own stingers. Buzzes a fanfare wherever the knight goes.
2is a song they’re always whistling (with their nose if they’re speaking) which shatters any metal weapons wielded against them.
3is formed from golden death-masks stolen from the tombs of warriors they’ve killed.
4is a swarm of glass butterflies that flutter around their body like clothing.
5is masterfully crafted plates, of bronze rather than steel.
6is woven from brambles.
7is dishes of fine porcelain hung on lace.
8is a buff coat made of their own leather, flayed and healed over decades.
9is a long scarf of steel-hard threads.
10is made from the shed exoskeletons of thousands of beetles.
11is sophistic arguments for why they shouldn’t be harmed written across their skin, which is enough to turn aside most uncritical weapons.
12is a living beehive which swarms those who strike it.
13is a time-distorting aura that slows down incoming attacks to a degree that lets them be deftly dodged.
14is mail welded from the wedding bands of divorced couples.
15is a cloak made from an angel’s wings.
16is a live, hollowed-out treant, worn like an exoskeleton.
17is scales of tarnished silver like those of a dead fish.
18is thick layers of pitch-black lacquer painted right onto their skin.
19is the false sunlight they’ve replaced their blood with, which blinds any who wound them.
20is their coat of poppets, which will transfer any attack which strikes them to the random person whose hair they were made with.
D20This elf-knight’s weapon
1is a frozen swordfish.
2is a whip strung with silver bells that conduct catastrophic harmonies through the things they strike.
3is a leiomano studded with shed baby teeth.
4is a rapier shaped like the hour hand of a clock, paired with a main gauche shaped like the minute hand.
5is a bag full of ravenous tossing-shrews.
6is an oversized ink-brush with which they draw wounds onto opponents.
7is a giant mantis they’ve trained to extend claws-out into something like a blade.
8is a ribbon they can stiffen to a cutting edge.
9is a sledgehammer and a nail as long as a spear, each of which they can wield deftly in one hand.
10is a morningstar, the head of which is appears to be an actual star.
11is a runed menhir wielded like a maul.
12is some razor-sharp strands of maidens’ hair.
13is chakrams made of sharpened mirrors.
14is a labrys with one head of serrated bone and another of obsidian.
15is their own fingernail, grown to lance-length.
16is their own sharp tongue, which can snap out like a chameleon’s.
17is a bolt of lightning gripped in a charred hand.
18is an iron spear with its haft wrapped in foxhide.
19is a falx made from the talon of a massive owl.
20is a moonstone carbine with a viper wrapped around it with fangs bared like a bayonet.
D20This elf-knight’s mount
1is a striped horse which runs backwards as fast as any normal horse does forward.
2is a giant hummingbird.
3is a self-moving chariot, the wheels of which are curled-up pillbugs.
4is a windmill-esque wooden automaton.
5is a miserable human slave forced to go about on all fours.
6is a centipedeish thing made of linked human skeletons.
7is a flowing brook they hold between their legs.
8is a pygmy elephant.
9is an empty suit of barding that moves like a horse.
10is a scorned enemy of theirs broken to loyalty and horse-form by a magic bridle.
11is a broom they stole off a witch.
12is a grumpy moose.
13is a vicious, gargantuan wild boar.
14is a hopping giant’s leg severed at the thigh, with a throne affixed atop the stump.
15is a pair of ogres wearing a motley horse costume.
16is a large spiked ball they balance atop while it rolls.
17is a flesh-eating horse with sharp teeth and claws instead of hooves.
18is a clumsy giraffe.
19is a gelatinous camel which spits gobs of acid.
20is a great wolf with stone teeth.
D20This elf-knight’s liege
1took the form of a tree to slumber away the eons. They strain to hear their liege’s orders in the rustle of the tree’s leaves.
2is a wizened, crowned gnome who clings to their back and critiques their every action.
3is a character in a storybook they carry around, who the knight admired so much they swore fealty to.
4is currently captured by a dragon who hoards lords.
5is a hapless peasant they decided to serve on a whim.
6appears to speak to them through a conch shell they hold up to their ear.
7is an alternate personality of themself.
8is a mortal monarch, the latest in a lineage they’ve sworn to serve until its end.
9is a mere pixie.
10is also their sometimes-lover, with whom they have a complex relationship.
11has been petrified, or perhaps was always just a statue.
12controls them through humiliating blackmail more than loyalty.
13is a lady of a lake, who they can consult from any freshwater body.
14is luck itself, whose commands they receive by casting dice carved from children’s knucklebones.
15was recently assassinated, so now they wander the world to fulfill their liege’s last request.
16is an ancient vampire rendered perpetually whimsical and twee by feeding on fairy blood.
17is a priest they’ve sworn to serve in return for the promise of an eventual baptism.
18secretly wishes for the knight’s death, and sends them out on out ludicrous quests hoping they won’t return.
19appears to be a talking cat, and behaves cattishly besides its speech.
20supports the abolishment of the feudal system, much to the knight’s consternation.
D20This elf-knight’s quest
1is to find the fairest and the foulest things in the land, then make them wed.
2is to find a tower at the edge of land, sea, and sky, held between day and night.
3is to collect a hundred peoples’ innocence.
4is to find someone with a worthy name then duel them to the death for it.
5is to seek more whimsical replacements for their armour, weapon, and mount.
6is to find the most virtuous and the most vicious people in the land and make them fight to determine the supremacy of each.
7is to domesticate humanity.
8is to acquire an utterly mundane (though not necessarily common) item.
9requires them to pretend to be human, as best they can.
10will take them to the literal end of the earth.
11is to martyr a living saint so they can get a relic to defend and cherish.
12is to beat every other knight in the land.
13is to slay death itself.
14is to kidnap a gifted human child to be their squire.
15is to protect the strong, obscure the truth, and always act with dishonour.
16is to retrieve a fallen star from deep within the earth.
17is to crusade against farmland to reclaim it for wilderness and the fey.
18is to guard a growing fairy-ring which will open a portal between here and the otherworld.
19is to hunt down goblins and trolls wherever they’re found.
20is to prank and humiliate a mortal knight from the path of chivalry.

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