Saturday, October 17, 2020

D6x6 Amazing Amazons

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Random generator generator here:

D6These amazons are all female because
1they’re the parthenogenetic clone-children of a self-obsessed alchemist.
2they’re a eusocial subspecies of homo sapiens. They’ve got some male drones, but prefer not to talk about them.
3they sacrifice any male children born to them to their patron goddess in return for blessings.
4their ancestors were subjects of an experiment to replace the Y-chromosome with a less error-prone alternative.
5they were created as the ideal guards and handmaidens for a long-dead emperor’s harem.
6they’re former succubi who rejected both their diabolic nature and their enslavement in the hierarchy of Hell.
D6These amazons see men
1as biologically obsolete, a curiosity for museums and zoos.
2as shapeless women you wouldn’t fuck.
3as deformities that fell short of being women.
4as cursed by the gods.
5as reprehensible oppressors.
6like an alien species.
D6These amazons see non-amazon women
1as weak and pitiable.
2as raw clay that can be molded into worthy kin.
3as legitimate competitors.
4as sisters in need of rescue.
5as better than men, but still below true amazons.
6as knock-offs that mock them with their mere existence.
D6These amazons live
1in the heart of a steppe beyond the operational range of any state.
2on a holy archipelago across a crashing sea. They see touching foot on the continent as shameful.
3up in the mountains at the edge of the known world.
4in a lush and misty jungle.
5atop a cluster of forested plateaus connected by bridges made from the spines of behemoths.
6in the ruins of a walled city so large it’s developed its own island ecosystem.
D6These amazons fight
1honourably with a martial art similar to pankration, and dishonourably with flintlocks.
2from horseback with lances and composite bows.
3with streaming rockets and primitive gyrojet rifles.
4in dense and unbreakable formations of warrior-sororities.
5with polearms unique to each fighter, in outfits of astounding flamboyancy.
6in tandem with tightly trained war-beasts.
D6These amazons also
1tattoo boasts on their defeated enemies’ faces.
2communicate over long distances with low-frequency throat singing.
3go about barefoot and perform divinations with their callouses.
4practice an art form sort of like bonsai, only with regenerating annelids.
5make the hilts of their blades from their ancestors’ thighbones.
6sculpt their hair with dyed wax. Only the most respected are permitted to wear red in their hair.

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