Sunday, November 24, 2019

D6x6 Evil Trees

Turns out when you think you've scraped out everything the bottom of the barrel has left, you can just keep scraping and eventually you break through to even lower vistas.

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D6 This evil tree is
1 a mangrove with roots like grasping fingers.
2 a gnarled, lightning-blackened oak.
3 a squatting, ancient pine.
4 a huge and hoary beetle-blighted redwood.
5 a limp and bristled hawthorn.
6 a sun-bleached, resin-crusted terebinth.
D6 This evil tree is evil
1 because it saw its companions cut down by the axes of humanity.
2 because it’s possessed by a demon of glacial corruption.
3 because its seed was planted in a corpse by a witch.
4 because the pain of a persistent fungal infection has made it so.
5 because it’s the reincarnation of a human who remembers their previous life and venomously resents their current existence.
6 because its dryad was killed for her sap by alchemists.
D6 This evil tree’s evil is apparent
1 by the sneering, leering faces formed in its bark.
2 by the balding crows that perch in its branches and preach cruel gospel.
3 by the way light dims and twists to make fearsome shadows around it.
4 because it leaks diseased blood instead of sap.
5 by the wind whispering venomous words through its boughs.
6 because it respires miasma instead of oxygen.
D6 This evil tree attacks
1 by blooming black flowers in moments that release clouds of poisonous pollen before withering away.
2 by pulling its roots from the soil and squeezing its foes to death with them.
3 by commanding swarms of nesting creatures and stinging insects.
4 by launching sharpened branches like javelins.
5 by growing fruits that burst open into vegetable-goblins.
6 by shaking off clouds of sharp leaves like floating razors.
D6 A victim of this tree was
1 a wise woman who tried and failed to coax it back to peaceful sleep.
2 a child who ran away from home, lured by the tree.
3 a poacher who would’ve been killed anyways if they’d been caught by the law.
4 a royal warden who was surveying the forest.
5 a charcoal burner collecting material.
6 a farmer’s prized truffle-hunting pig.
D6 This evil tree’s wood can
1 be burned to produce smoke that repels benevolent spirits and attracts malevolent ones.
2 be carved into magic masks that disguise their wearer when they’re committing nefarious deeds.
3 be made into the haft or shaft of a diabolical weapon.
4 be made into spiles that drain the goodness from other trees and turn them evil too.
5 be used to build a house that casts the misfortune of its residents away from them and into the world, multiplying it many times over in the process.
6 be ground up and baked into bread that acts as (1d4): 1 - poison, 2 - monster bait, 3 - a cursed substance that turns whoever eats it undead if they die while digesting it, 4 - a terribly bitter substance that drives possessing spirits from their host if they consume it.

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