Wednesday, July 29, 2020

D6x6 Hydrated Hydras

Slave to alliteration

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D6This hydra is
1the guardian spirit of a sacred river, polluted along with its charge by the meddling of mankind.
2a dinosaur that wanted to survive the extinction of the rest of its kind so badly it became the ultimate survivor.
3a wizard’s failed attempt to create a plant-animal hybrid as the perfect crop/livestock.
4a god that went feral after the extermination of its cult, losing its true immortality and most of its wisdom.
5an incarnation of death’s inevitability that crawled up from the underworld.
6a sophistic demon bound to the earth by some mortal clans’ blood feud. So long as the hatred flows through the generations the hydra will return.
D6This hydra has
1bones that snap and protrude under its own weight with every step, only to mend moments later.
2tumours and throbbing scars dappling it from old, mis-healed wounds.
3colourful frills around its necks.
4a carpet of ticks covering its hide.
5translucent flesh. Veins and organs can be seen shifting beneath, devouring each other in a visceral ouroboros.
6vestigial eyes and limbs dotting its body.
D6This hydra’s regeneration
1causes it to bud off swarms of mini-hydras when it’s wounded.
2can be inverted if it’s exposed to a drug which only the moon-folk know how to produce.
3can be inhibited by music, which enrages it.
4will continue even after it’s killed, bringing it back to life unless it’s burned or dissolved.
5accelerates for 1d6 rounds after it’s eaten about at least a person-sized portion of meat.
6produces an excess of blood when it’s wounded, turning the battlefield into a slippery mess.
D6This hydra’s lair
1is a burrow that opens to the bed of an algae-caked kettle in the midst of a peatland.
2is a fissure where the mouth of a spring flows.
3is a ruined palace halfway sunk in a flooded delta, surrounded by the waterlogged remnants of a dead civilization.
4is a dank ponor where deafening rapids spill.
5has a mouth curtained by a waterfall.
6lies on an isle in the middle of an estuary.
D6Near this hydra’s lair
1is a young warrior groomed into believing that they’re a demigod and their sycophants-cum-political handlers, hyping themselves up to slay the monster and prove their prowess.
2a peasant family are dragging a recalcitrant ox to sacrifice to it.
3is the cabin of a royal gamekeeper tasked with keeping an eye on the hydra and making sure nobody provokes it.
4is a tricksy talking vulture that eats the hydra’s leftovers.
5is an old hunter collapsed in the mud, dying from injuries inflicted by the hydra.
6is a clutch of crab-men who fear and worship it.
D6Something that can be harvested from this hydra is its
1scales, which could be made into superlative armour by a master craftsman.
2sinews, which could be used to make magic rope or bowstrings.
3liver, which could be used to filter poisons into beneficial elixirs.
4bones, which could be carved into barbed weapons that grow into the wounds they wreak.
5feces, which are an unmatched fertilizer.
6blood, which could be refined into a healing potion.

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  1. Very nice! I'm itching to run a fantasy hex crawl - this is perfect for hexes near water. Also, hydras are weird.