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D6x6 Tactual Takos

Takos are D&D's octopus-people, except they've only got one eye for whatever reason, and they're not humanoid, they're just octopoid.

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D6These takos have
1vibrant blue rings scattered across their body.
2fleshy "wings" on the sides of their head, like elephant ears.
3a "skirt" of translucent webbing between their tentacles.
4red flesh covered in menacing spikes.
5a cyanotic, pale purple, veiny colouration.
6knobbly, sandy-coloured skin.
D6These takos fight with
1envenomated blowguns they fire with water-jets on the sides of their heads.
2metal beak-attachments bartered for with deep-sea smiths who forge in the heat of black smokers, grappling with tentacular martial arts to get in range.
3gauntlets they stick on the ends of their tentacles, some equipped with blades, others with piercing spikes, and still others heavy enough to bludgeon through shell and armour.
4slow flails of woven kelp or some other marine fiber, set with sharp teeth and stone shards and suchlike, swung into a simultaneously defending and attacking wreath around their wielder.
5long spears they wrap up in and shove with all their tentacles at once.
6paired glass or shell knives of surpassing sharpness, which they wield in scraping or scissoring maneuvers.
D6These takos can
1detach a tentacle as a pre-programmed servitor.
2regrow their heads if enough of the rest of their body survives - their minds distributed among their ganglion-nodes.
3see into spectra beyond the human eye's capability to perceive, picking up ultraviolet, infrared, and auras of magic.
4produce from their skin spirals with a hypnotic bioluminescent glow.
5build up tension in their tentacles, and after building enough release a super-heavy, cavitating strike.
6speak with each other over great distances, in a seeming hive-mind, by strumming the ground.
D6These takos are rumoured to
1be planning to flood the surface world.
2serve gods drowned in primordial times for their inhuman evil.
3create false harbours and lights to mislead sailors.
4shapeshift into humans and seduce people into awfully slimy relations.
5kidnap children who wander too close to the sea, to turn into more of their kind.
6trap the souls of the dead in coconut shells to keep them as ghostly servants.
D6These takos are sought by humans
1because their beaks are thought to make the best scrapers for shaving and bathhouses.
2because their lush blue ink is treasured for dye and calligraphy.
3because their skins can be worked into armour that provides the ultimate camouflage.
4to receive oracles related to fortunes at sea.
5because poking their eyeball is supposed to grant good luck.
6as mercenaries in naval warfare.
D6These takos live
1in settlements suspended from the underside of woven kelp-rafts, drifting on ocean gyres and grown over with permacultural microbiomes.
2in silvery mounds of foam blown from the mouthparts of domesticated giant crabs.
3in submarine canyons they roof over and carve habitations into the walls of.
4in warrens dug beneath the biggest and most ancient reefs, selectively bleaching the coral in communicative patterns.
5in a submerged system of caverns and grottoes they've carved over generations with sinuous, interlocked art.
6in scuttle-towns built in the sunken hulks of the ships of their enemies.

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  1. Calling the octopus people Takos was an inspired choice.