Sunday, April 21, 2024

D6x6 Simpering Serpentmen

This post is dedicated to friend of the blog purplecthulhu, who came up with the idea.

Click the button below to generate your serpentman:

Special thanks to Spwack for making the generator generator here:

D6 This serpentman has
1 a rattling tail which vibrates in infrasonic frequencies, inducing artificial terror in those who hear it.
2 a fractally-branching tongue which allows it to manipulate matter on an incredibly-fine scale.
3 had its ribs surgically spread into wings and studded with anti-gravity nodules which allow it to fly through the air.
4 replaced its venom-sacs with nanomachine-factories which kill those injected with them and reanimate their corpses as cyber-zombies.
5 impossibly-deep abyssal crevices through which alien stars can be glimpsed instead of pupils in its eyes.
6 the haunting husks of the shed skins of its past selves orbiting around its head, dispensing bon mots.
D6 This serpentman was
1 a slave-handler, and its hypnotic indoctrinations still work across all mammals from remnant programming.
2 an everyman-type who lucked its way into the modern day.
3 a biomancer whose magic crafted new living tools and soldiers for the serpentmen's empire.
4 a priest of the serpentmen's coiling crypto-gods, and a bureaucrat within their religio-political deep state.
5 a warlord who learned the perfected stratagems & martial techniques of their time.
6 a ritual assassin that the serpentmen used to constrain their violence to regulated arenas and casualties.
D6 This serpentman survived the general extinction of its kind
1 by wandering for uncountable eons in the timeless astral plane, going mad and clawing its way back to sanity several times over.
2 by flinging its spirit forward in time and possessing a snake mating-ball of sufficient biomass to reincarnate the serpentman - driving one snake in the ball to devour the rest and metamorphose into its new body.
3 by being ensconced in a cryogenic vault. The serpentman re-routed much of the facility's power to its own hiberna-pod to maximize its chance of survival, at the expense of its fellows.
4 by bargaining with an aristocratic house of medusas, to be petrified in its time and returned to flesh when the world had forgotten its kind.
5 by encoding itself in the genome of an upsurging lineage of mammals, leaving epigenetic triggers in place so that when conditions were right a descendant-individual would mutate into the serpentman, complete with inborn memories.
6 by pretending to be stuck in hell for a while, in fact leaving itself a back door and an empty vessel of a body to reclaim.
D6 This serpentman schemes
1 to steal an artifact which can, with enough blood sacrifice, tear a time-portal through back to the time of the serpentmen's reign, through which they will lead a trans-temporal invasion.
2 to insinuate itself into a clan of outlaw-cannibals as a fleshly deity, and through them sate its hunger for warm meat.
3 awaken a lost doomsday weapon of its people, then use this weapon to cow the world into submission so it may rule as an absolute tyrant.
4 to murder a team of archeologists who are close to uncovering the history of the serpentmen, then frame some other group for their murder.
5 to uncover a cache of skin-changing infiltrators, which it will command to take over the followings of various sun-gods and through them re-terraform the world into a more serpentman-friendly climate.
6 to spread printings of tablets looted from serpentmen ruins, which contain highly-contagious memes which will alter cultures to be more amenable to the serpentman.
D6 This serpentman views the modern world
1 with fetishistic interest in all its idiosyncrasies.
2 with an aimless rage that could be re-directed to specific targets without much manipulative effort.
3 with a deep despair which could be exploited to drive it to total inaction.
4 with bewilderment - it desires interpreters to make sense of things.
5 as a garden that's been left untrimmed and has become overgrown - in need of their drastic tending.
6 as something like a dream, experienced whimsically, which they will wake up from shortly.
D6 You might loot off the body of this serpentman
1 a very stylish hat made of psionics-enhancing fibers.
2 a hologram-belt that can project illusions of things it's scanned.
3 a whistle which when blown rouses any sub-sapient reptiles that hear it into a slaughterous rage.
4 a spray-gun full of acid.
5 a pair of ulfire-tinted goggles which allow their wearer to perceive the invisible and ethereal.
6 a bottle of pills which maintain their consumer at a biologically-ideal temperature for 24 hours.

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