Tuesday, June 6, 2023

D6x6 Battle Royales

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Special thanks to Spwack for the generator generator here: http://meanderingbanter.blogspot.com/2018/10/automatic-list-to-html-translator-v2.html

D6 This battle royale's participants 
1 are chosen from among the top performers in a militaristic training camp anyone can enroll in.
2 all bear diagnoses of terminal illnesses.
3 are all mandated to have been unemployed for a significant period.
4 are 18 year olds picked by lottery when they come of age.
5 have all public records of them stricken away when they're chosen.
6 are criminals plucked from death row.
D6 This battle royale is held as 
1 an exemplar of the Social Darwinist ethos of its society.
2 modern gladiatorial entertainment for a bloodthirsty public.
3 a substitute for war - each participant or group of participants represent a nation.
4 a test for combat-enhancement drugs which the participants are guineau pigs for.
5 a grand poetic reminder of the centrality of death to life.
6 a mass sacrifice to the ever-hungry Mother Earth.
D6 This battle royale is held 
1 on a platform suspended from a gigantic aerostat.
2 in a world's fair-esque enormous, elaborate, and delicate construction.
3 in the subterranean infrastructural maze beneath a megalopolis.
4 in a city that was abandoned and sealed off after a dirty bomb was detonated in its core.
5 on a deserted island too far off the coast to swim back from.
6 in an overgrown nature preserve.
D6 This battle royale's participants are armed 
1 with axes, swords, spears - medieval melee weaponry.
2 with whatever weapons and supplies they purchase with a limited budget from a catalogue prior to the contest.
3 with cutting-edge experimental weaponry.
4 with mines, poisons, and other weapons of deceit.
5 with nothing - they must fight with their own teeth and nails.
6 with guns and grenades looted from pre-placed caches onsite.
D6 This battle royale is complicated 
1 is one participant being given intimate knowledge of the others' weaknesses.
2 by activists trying to shut it down as unforgivable barbarism.
3 by foreign infiltrators.
4 by rumours of a grand prize hidden within the arena.
5 by extraordinarily wealthy people who've gambled on its outcome throwing their vast resources behind interference.
6 by a bunch of participants banding together and refusing to kill each other.
D6 The reward for the winner of this battle royale 
1 is wealth and privileges beyond their widlest dreams.
2 is nigh-immortality after brain transfer into an artificial body.
3 is executive control over the next contest.
4 is command of an elite army unit.
5 is a harem of genetically-ideal individuals.
6 is the right to kill any single person of their choosing without legal consequences.


  1. This is like a whole campaign setup generator in one. I actually read the Battle Royale novel (or rather, listened to an audiobook version of it) I think last summer. It's a ridiculous concept but it was more political than I anticipated, and like political in a somehow more nuanced way than the impression I get from Hunger Games (which admittedly I have not read or watched).