Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Electro-Magnetic Pulse: First Beat

Inspired by Weird & Wonderful Wavelengths.

Got a free video editor program and now I'm wilding out. Special thanks to executive producer Sofinho for giving me the means to download youtube videos as mp3s and/or mp4s in greater than 144p quality, without which all of this would be much lamer & more tedious:


  1. I have no idea what I just watched lol but I like it. Did you put this together yourself? Did you use that voice AI thing to make Peter Griffin, Solid Snake / David Hayter, Jerry Seinfeld, and others talk about random stuff? Or is it chopping up their actual sound bites to say stuff? Or am I misunderstanding altogether what just happened here?

    1. Yeah I made it.

      Used Uberduck for the voices.

      The random stuff was going to be in blog posts but I couldn't get the posts wrapped up so I put them in this.

  2. This was an excellent use of my time.