Friday, December 8, 2023

D6x6 Dapper Dhampirs

Blade... Blade 2... good movies.

Special thanks to Spwack for the generator generator here:

D6This dhampir's vampire parent
1was the last survivor of an old aristocratic lineage, desperate for descendants.
2wanted an agent who could infiltrate a rival human organization.
3was in denial about their nature, and wanted to create the perfect family as a shell against the world.
4was just horny and had no idea dhampirs were even a possibility.
5was a young'un unused to unlife.
6had them as a part of a breeding program to create a new sort of super-vampire with all of their strengths yet none of their weaknesses.
D6This dhampir's human parent
1was a blood-bag kept under their vampire parent's thumb through addiction and control over their supply.
2was a disgraced scientist driven by curiousity.
3was a highly-paid servant.
4was a YA writer who thought they'd bagged the ultimate bad boy/girl.
5was a cultist who saw them as an act of worship.
6was a one-night stand who had no idea what they got into.
D6This dhampir inherited the vampiric power
1of being able to transform into a nocturnal animal.
2of unnatural strength and toughness.
3of immortality.
4of superhuman senses.
5of being able to manipulate blood.
6of being able to hypnotize those they make eye contact with.
D6However, this dhampir also inherited the vampiric weakness
1of their savage blood-thirst.
2of being burned by sunlight - though their damage is milder.
3of being unable to enter a home without an invitation.
4of being debilitatingly nauseated by garlic.
5of being unable to cross clean running water.
6of being repelled by holy symbols.
D6This dhampir is
1a part-time nightshift worker with a side hustle making supernatural debunker videos.
2an elite mercenary who hops between vampire and human societies when the heat gets to be too much in either.
3an infampus vampire hunter.
4a low-key dentist with some unusual clientele.
5a liason and broker between an elder vampire and modern humanity.
6an increasingly-popular preacher for their own new age syncretic religion.
D6This dhampir views their nature
1as a curse, trapping them between life and undeath.
2as a blessing, granting them the strength of both human and vampire.
3as the next step in human evolution - they seek to create more like themself.
4with mixed feelings - there are good days, and there are bad days.
5as a mystery, not worth thinking too much about.
6as being like a chronic medical condition, something to be managed.


  1. I think both movies hold up pretty well. What do you think would be a more interesting game: PCs as vampires on the run from a Vampire hunter; PCs as Blade's support crew; or a whole party of Dhampirs just in an urban fantasy sandbox creating mischief?

  2. I have not watched either of them in forever but I'm glad they hold up! Loved both of them when I was younger. I think I liked Blade 2 better, I liked the idea of a "new breed" of vampire (of course now I know that's a trope but at the time it seemed really clever to me), but I suspect Blade 1 is probably the better movie overall. Blade 3 was awful lol.

    While Blade is what I grew up with, for me the Dhampir of all Dhampirs has to be Vampire Hunter D. I've read every volume of the light novels that's been translated into English so far (I think 29 or 30...) and watched both the movies. Haven't read the manga. Def a huge inspiration on my tastes wrt science fantasy even if I'm not as into that as I used to be.

    The roll tables for the parentage in particular (but really all of them), in retrospect seem like a no brainer, like it's surprising you haven't done Dhampirs before because it makes so much sense for this format.

    This is def another one where the tables build out a whole story around it, good stuff.