Friday, December 1, 2023

Poetry Post

Haven't had "the juice" for RPG stuff lately, but don't want to go too long without posting something, so here's some poetry I've written. There will be no Joesky tax:


Nobody cleans up what the rain can wash away
Nobody picks up what the water can carry away
And the glass is left stainless
And the steel is unblemished
And the concrete is left fresher than the grass
Nobody will survive when the flood comes
For there's not one virtuous, not one


O treacherous sky
Don't lie blue to me
I've seen you in your darkest night
And the terror you don't care to hide


Leave my body to rot in the sun
Let the flies waltz where I lie
The earth comforts not me, but you
My winner's smile an ivory epitaph


O tall oak!
Grand as you are,
Today I give thanks to the grasses:
Which have borne me soft underfoot
And sprightly unbow themselves behind me


DUDE! I just LOVE the hustle and bustle
Of waves across a pond
Going nowhere, doing nothing,
But going, and doing


I saw a sparrow chase a hawk
And overtake it
That sparrow fought the hawk
And won
You may be prince of all this world
But you are only a hawk


Reflected in a plane of water
The moon does not breach that surface
Nor does it dim its light
Tossed on endless ripples
The moon vomits its supper
It drank molten silver


A crow passed me on by
Spoke plain what others sang:
Fly in and out of sight
By spirit's flick'ring light
What deathly things can't bear
They crucify on air


Sunset slivers through the trees
Uriel draws across the water
Eden's way stands there unbarred
For those ready to drown in it


I'm headed through an orangutan forest
Red and orange peeking through the green
Shrinking before man's machines


Flame's flicker made cave paintings move
Hungry life's an invitation to dance
across cool and silent stone
I can feel bones beneath my skin
and dust deeper still
I am hungry
I am dancing
The waves bear the light of the sun
they've been drinking
Under the crocodile sky
I am basking
Along the last flowers of autumn


Do you want to count to infinity with me?
Get ready, prepare - we're starting with one, two, three,
And then four! The digits are growing wild and free
Numerals fade away instantaneously
Gaping wider than words this new vision you see
Is not one that lends itself well to poetry
As the sun cannot touch deeper parts of the sea
We've counted beyond the set of humanity
Curse your birth and your taste of immortality
For the rest of forever you're stuck here with me


Through this black and hoary sea
Shining foam surrounded me
Cresting out the inky flow:
This white bulk of Moby D.

Let me spear you with my eyes
Spill the oil that makes men wise
Else drag me in undertow
Till bloody comes the sunrise


The pen's set down on a winter's day
Ink sets in the chamber, loaded ice
Til warm hand shares rhythms imprecise
Old friend, we've got some more yet to say


A skate of silver sea-foam
A dream upon the deep
Sky skips waves to onward roam
And lulls them down to sleep

Stars caught under Heaven's dome
Can drive a man to weep
From salt tears springs life to loam
Our rosy crop to reap

Stratofathoms vault our home
Through them may spirit leap
Off the thin page of this tome
To shores where stands a keep


Life's the surface of the sea
Sandwiched between infinity
Pinched black above and blue below
This battered barge I onward row


Man's got no monopoly on contempt
There's more than our indulgences permit
Pass stiff-staring streets, some rudeness attempt
We piss on our monuments - pigeons shit
To fly, to be from lettered law exempt
From contract to covenant in spirit
In spiting the judges, who takes more glee?
Than strutting culver-birds, once caged, now free


I've been drinking like a fish
I've been drinking just to drown
Slurring sweetly, going down
Send me off now with a kish

Steady ground's no place for me
In lightless depths I began
She knows that I'm a merman
I belong there in the sea


  1. These are great, I appreciate you sharing them all in one place (I think I've read many before on the MRD server). III reminds me of a Ted Hughes poem "A Grin", just for that image of the smile surviving after flesh has rotted away. Actually all these birds flitting around and slightly capricious nature remind me of Hughes. Thanks.

  2. Ya it's cool to see this collected like Sofinho said. I like the blend of traditionally "poetic" language with a smattering of modern colloquialisms.