Tuesday, December 5, 2023

D6x6 Alien Parasites

For your sci-fi horror needs:

Special thanks to Spwack for the generator generator here: http://meanderingbanter.blogspot.com/2018/10/automatic-list-to-html-translator-v2.html

D6This alien parasite resembles
1an arachnophobe's nightmare, far too many spindly, chitinous limbs, and a coat of quivering setae.
2an embryo in an indistinct stage of development, where head and feet or mammalian and reptilian can't quite be told one from the other.
3a slick, gossamer web strung with fleshy white tubing.
4an oily black engine made of veins and shell instead of metal.
5a stalk of half-melted wax set with a dozen grasping rat's tails.
6the worst combined features of a slug and a bat.
D6This alien parasite infects its hosts
1by injecting an egg through a needle-like proboscis, which typically is hidden under the tongue of its current host.
2by releasing clouds of stinking pollen that condense in the lungs and throat into metamorphic protoplasm.
3through a "viral resonance" emitted from its hives - a signal that reshapes the cells of other organisms into its own.
4through egg-laden foam it can evacuate from other hosts' orifices.
5by dissolving a hole through their skin then assimilating into the underlying tissue.
6by paralyzing them with venom then letting its young crawl inside them.
D6This alien parasite's effect on its host(s)
1is that it drives them to mad works through visions of another world and species.
2is that it causes them to gradually swell up and explode into more parasites.
3is that it pacifies them into its herd to graze off of, incapable of resisting or often even noticing
4is that it compels them to gather together and calcify into unseemly monuments.
5is that it unites them into a hive-mind that's coordinated to infect more people.
6is that it mutates them into a form that facilitates further infections.
D6This alien parasite could be found
1in a lost colony, a Roanoke of the future.
2in a discreet testing ground for a sketchy corporation's bioweapons program.
3on board a juicy salvage opportunity of a spaceship that's drifting into a no-man's land of the void.
4in the vicinity of a clandestine research lab - an escaped test subject.
5in the trail of planetary scorched earth left by an extinct alien civilization in the wake of an advancing enemy.
6in a cultic habitat that believed the parasite was the key to a utopian evolution.
D6This alien parasite can be treated
1only through risky, manual surgery - auto-surgeons carry too many safety protocols to pull it off.
2by injecting yourself with an engineered virus that's been targeted to its genome.
3by taking an exotic psychedelic that'll scramble its analogue to a nervous system to the point that it becomes more of a symbiote than a parasite.
4with amplified sound-waves like a weaponized ultrasound.
5by drinking enough to make you sick - that'll kill the parasite before it kills you.
6only through the death of its host - sorry!
D6A sign of infestation by this alien parasite
1is dilated and skewed pupils.
2is a greenish colouration to the veins.
3is sweat taking on a smell like boiled spinach.
4is skin tearing and beading up with blood at even light pressure.
5is a tottering style of walking.
6is the host being surrounded by magnetic anomalies - electronics going haywire, metal sticking to them, etc.

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  1. These two together make for a very interesting combo:

    "This alien parasite infects its hosts through a "viral resonance" emitted from its hives - a signal that reshapes the cells of other organisms into its own.

    This alien parasite's effect on its host(s) is that it compels them to gather together and calcify into unseemly monuments."

    I imagine a research team finding this dead planet covered in these bizarre hives and just being near them starts to infect them and then they start becoming more hives as their bodies are left behind by the parasite