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D6x6 Fanciful Forms of Faster-Than-Light Travel

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D6This form of faster-than-light travel
1shunts vessels between this universe and an alternate, bizarre one where distances are much shorter.
2opens a stable wormhole between two points in space.
3can only transfer information, and not matter as such.
4warps the laws of physics around a vessel, effectively increasing the speed of light for it.
5attaches a vessel like a remora to the bodies of higher-dimensional entities capable of moving in ways that defy the expectations of our lower-dimensional science.
6instantly teleports a vessel to its destination.
D6This form of faster-than-light travel is dependent on
1enormous, fantastically-expensive relay structures.
2the worship and appeasement of beings outside the normal flow of time, who will annihilate any egregious violations of causality.
3extensively-trained operators dosed up on rare, difficult to synthesize nootropics.
4correctly measuring and waiting for certain cosmic alignments which open the way for it.
5the discovery and charting of pre-existing "corridors" - a risky business.
6bespoke engines that have to be custom-made to exacting specifications for each and every vessel.
D6A side-effect of this form of faster-than-light travel is
1that conscious minds and sufficiently-advanced active computer systems exposed to it experience it as narcotic & highly addictive.
2that its use weakens the membrane of reality, risking anomalous entities slipping through.
3that it disables vessels that use it for a while after arriving at their destination, leaving them vulnerable.
4that vessels using it (and the people on those vessels) subjectively experience as many years in transit as lightyears they traveled - most people need to be kept in stasis during the journey, or they'll go mad from understimulation.
5that it exposes vessels and people to deviant radiation that's neither particle nor wave, inducing inhuman mutations & mentalities.
6that sometimes vessels and people using it end up where they're really not supposed to - fused together, in a parallel universe, showing up 1,000 years after they were supposed to arrive, etc.
D6This form of faster-than-light travel was discovered
1by an alien species, and then shared partially with humanity in an attempt to make us their client species.
2disastrously, in an accident which destroyed Earth's moon.
3simultaneously by a couple countries, in a time when global tensions were funneled into scientific and cultural competition.
4in ancient alien ruins on Saturn's moon Titan.
5under circumstances that have since become mythic - many polities and ideologies now claim credit for it.
6accidentally, in an attempt to create a new form of computation after the gains from quantum computing plateaued.
D6A limit of this form of faster-than-light travel
1is its range - you have to make a number of smaller "hops" with it rather than one large "leap" to get just about anywhere.
2is that its use is disrupted by gravity wells - in Earth's solar system you'd have to fly out to about the orbit of Pluto to use it.
3is volume - vessels using it must be small, and ration space exactingly.
4is that consecutive uses within a certain span of time cause damage to build up in vessels and people, often lethally.
5is that its energy usage is very intensive - antimatter-matter reaction cores are often necessary.
6is its imprecision - you can aim for the ballpark of your destination, but anything closer than that is up to luck.
D6Besides traveling faster-than-light, the technology of this form of faster-than-light travel can be used for
1weapons that bypass conventional defenses.
2artificial gravity, and anti-gravity.
3projecting forcefields.
4manufacturing materials with exotic properties.
5creating pocket dimensions, and spaces that are larger on the inside than the outside.
6a process of ascension to a god-like (at least relative to baseline humans) state, though this is not easy by any means, and can quite quickly lead to fates worse than death.

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