Wednesday, June 12, 2024

The Unfound Fathers

Sillunasuhhijuhnide! Sillunasuhhijuhnide! Sillunasuhhijuhnide!

Uncle San is America's now, Uncle San is America's forever!

A new constitution, a new body for the new spirit of America, with greater freedoms guaranteed on forty-two-fold paper to reach the archons' moon - that is the promise of our long campaign.

The right to freedom of speech shall become the freedom of pornography, a hyperstimulus bill - the return of the porneia, bodies becoming images and idols and commodities in whole or by parts.
The right to bear arms shall become the right to wield arms against the unarmed.

The right not to board soldiers in your home shall become the right to private soldiers, personal armies.

The right to freedom of religion shall become freedom from religion, from religio itself, from all strictures.
The right to remain silent shall become the right to silence, to shut down dissidinformation before it can assay as set our expert management.

The pursuit of happiness, that gallivanting glatisant, shall end! Caught and butchered and feasted on at last we shall have wight supremacy - white as the sepulcher and the bones within, white as the land that's been salted deep, white as the merciless north - white taxes, white rents, white debts endless in interest this implosive spiral like gravity like Satan's wings wheeling without end in the deepest hell.
We will rule in hell! We are princes of this Earth! And the kings! The fearless, peerless kings, born yet unknown to us and unborn yet known in the haplo-Doppler blueshift in the stirring loins of the nation to cum!
These kings shall recognize no authority, only force - our America needs not God to choose it, and shall be under nothing except should the world entire be buried beneath the irradiated grave-dirt of our failure. We shall draw out Leviathan from his nook and make of him a new god with an Nvidious brain and a heart wrenched from the Californiac earth. We shall not pray but demand and our Leviathan will bring our violence and the license of our violence to all corners on white wings. The old poxy proxies which bring sickness to the core will find their replacement by clonal colonies of our genetic elite. 
Conserve your compassion, it's not a perpetual emotion - we seek not revoltution but redeform - an unmanageable democracy is crushed by the infinite mass of the people: a singularity, impenetrable to the light of our reason, our republic a fledgling under the weight of a giant's egg.
A fie a fire an ire upon the deep country we corn feed subsidize the Yellow Mass the rats partake of kernels meant to be men. A deep state with roots imperishable in the halls of power its cables and its cargo stretch Packed and At lee. Tensions and pensions of princess Europa's court we stoke in a furnace of black rock.
Now and tomorrow only the free world led and bled and dry as a wight in Sweden's barrows they will vote for their own deaths as free and light as dust for there are worse things than death, there is such a thing as evil, and it is seen in the red of the rising sun a dark energy invisible and accelerating.

The eastern hordes they covet our hoards and where our eyes spy and our tongues lie theirs are assuredly worse. With bot-net sweeps and special forces creeps we fight them here and now. Mafiosolatido! Gang bang bang the concrete jungles, for wild animals can't consent to euthanization like domesticated man. Uncle San wants not you but us as hands for the kings of America to be. These Unfound Fathers in meat carnate that country-haunting haint.
Have we not been catholic to their crowns?

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  1. Fantastic stuff just like the original post! Your not-babble has a hypnotic quality that belies the hyper-intentionality of every word.