Friday, June 21, 2024

D6x6 Zombie Survivors

Click the button below to generate your zombie survivor:

Special thanks to Spwack for the generator generator here:

D6 Before the zombies, this zombie survivor was
1 a junior bankster with an up-and-coming career.
2 a housewife/husband.
3 an indie comic artist/writer who had just been Cancelled.
4 a sigma hustle grindset influencer.
5 a nepo baby cruising between journalism gigs on their trust fund.
6 a convenience store clerk living out of their car.
D6 When the zombies came, this zombie survivor lost
1 their family.
2 many of their memories, due to head injury and trauma.
3 their left foot, to a hasty amputation.
4 their dog.
5 easy access to vital medication.
6 the love of their life.
D6 After the zombies, this zombie survivor has become
1 bizarrely and syncretically religious.
2 an awful and tempestous drunk.
3 morose and near-robotic in their routine, secretly hoping for something to shake them back into hope for the future.
4 a self-described warrior-poet, mythologizing a struggle against Death itself.
5 a self-loathing coward who would break any taboo to survive.
6 happy-go-lucky, grateful for every day as it comes, and creepily unfazed by carnage.
D6 This zombie survivor is armed
1 with hydraulic shears that can trim necks and limbs like they're hedges.
2 with a deranged yet shockingly-effective polearm taped together from various kitchen knives.
3 with a sledgehammer that's got a railroad spike welded to both sides of its head.
4 with a hunting rifle with a scratched scope and a dwindling supply of bullets.
5 with spools of barbed wire with weights attached to one end, ideal for trapping and tripping up dumb zombies.
6 with a fire axe they've attached a pipegun to the handle of, an improvised 16th-century atavism.
D6 This zombie survivor believes
1 that the zombies were released by a conspiracy of billionaires in order to thin out the human population for Malthusian ends.
2 that the world deserved the zombie plague for various sins and offenses.
3 deep down that the zombie infection is the secret to immortality and that everyone infected thus far has just been unworthy and thus not retained their rational mind.
4 that the zombies are the vengeance of disrespected ancestors.
5 that they are personally at fault for the zombie infection, due to sneezing on someone who would later go on to be patient zero.
6 that across the ocean human civilization still exists untrammeled by zombies.
D6 This zombie survivor has access to
1 a disaster shelter with a stock of MREs and bottled water.
2 a map which purportedly leads to a nuclear bunker which the remnants of the government took shelter in.
3 a briefcase containing an experimental cure, which they haven't had the opportunity or the will to test yet.
4 a powerful radio set-up with which they maintain contact with other survivors as much as a thousand miles away.
5 an array of solar panels which provide power to recharge any electrical devices.
6 an ATV with a trunk full of fuel tanks.

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