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D6x6 Bodacious Bodysnatchers

Recently read Cuckoo by Gretchen Felker-Martin. Great book.

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Special thanks to Spwack for the generator generator here: http://meanderingbanter.blogspot.com/2018/10/automatic-list-to-html-translator-v2.html
D6 These bodysnatchers are
1 the pilots of UFOs, and also highly-derived humans who fled from a future wherein environmental degradation among other conditions drove them into a parasitic existence. They lost much of the knowledge and infrastructure to produce or even repair their own high-tech in the process.
2 from outer space. They arrived in a meteor - originally meant to be a symbiotic boon to host species, long exposure to cosmic radiation has mutated them into something hostile.
3 living artifacts of a proto-human civilization, intended to survive their collapse and reclaim the Earth after conditions became amenable again.
4 demons cloned from samples extracted from pig bones found sunken off the coast of Jordan.
5 a clandestine military experiment to create the perfect spies.
6 a natural species escaped from a cave system beneath Lake Baikal.
D6 These bodysnatchers aim to 
1 kick off a global nuclear war to reduce humanity into isolated and desperate communities which they could rule as unassailable tyrants.
2 advance biotechnology without regard for human life, to eventually remove their need for hosts entirely and afterwards exterminate humanity.
3 use food additives, education systems, eugenics, and suchlike to turn humanity into complacent, even worshipful hosts.
4 bodysnatch everyone on Earth so they can merge into a continent-sized fleshbeast which will consume itself until the end of time.
5 experiment using human societies as lab rats, so they can learn how to make a utopia for themselves.
6 accelerate human development of space travel technology to spread themselves across the cosmos.
D6 Without bodysnatching, these bodysnatchers 
1 resemble crustaceans that have been shucked from their shells and left to putresce in the sun.
2 look like a mating ball of vermicelli-worms tipped with delicate sucking flowers.
3 resemble a tangle of rotting roots, swooped and streamlined like a wasp, which reek of ammonia.
4 look like bloated amniotic sacs crawling about on gangly claw-tipped fingers.
5 resemble a flash of grotesque sensory impressions like the fluttering wings of a Batesian mimic moth - the human mind refuses to perceive their true form fully in a single moment.
6 look like a cross between teratomas and ginger rhizomes.
D6 These bodysnatchers bodysnatch 
1 by implanting themselves into the spine of their host, leaving their host's consciousness locked in as they're puppeted about.
2 by psychically swapping their mind with the mind of their target, walking away with their target's body while their target is left trapped in the bodysnatcher's dying husk.
3 by immobilizing their target then attaching to them with an umbilical tentacle, draining their life and memories to transform into a perfect copy.
4 by ingesting a tissue sample from their target and using that to spawn off a clone. The clone lacks the original's memories until they track them down and eat their brain.
5 by fusing together with their target in a cocoon, emerging as a hybrid being under the bodysnatcher's control.
6 by injecting targets with a neuro-chemical cocktail that rewrites their minds to the bodysnatcher's ends. Periodic refreshing of this cocktail is necessary to maintain full control.
D6 A weakness of these bodysnatchers is 
1 that the repressed instincts of their host can emerge in an exaggerated and uncontrollable fashion in times of stress.
2 their own slow and difficult reproduction.
3 that their bodies require certain exotic substances which those in the know could trace sales or thefts of to find their lairs.
4 their extreme reaction to capsaicin.
5 that they're out of touch with their stolen bodies, often failing to feed or clean them in a decent manner.
6 reproducing appropriate facial expressions.
D6 These bodysnatchers have infiltrated society
1 through the criminal strata, where their sociopathic tendencies and people disappearing is less likely to be notable.
2 through associations of doctors and scientists, covering up evidence of their own existence and wielding the cudgel of their presumed expertise.
3 through the police, taking advantage of existing secret societies and codes of silence.
4 through a big new vertically-integrated start-up, which gives them access to influential financiers and suchlike and lets their idiosyncracies be obscured under the excuse of company culture.
5 mostly only in a single town, turning it into their stronghold and sending out cautious feelers for the next stage of expansion.
6 through a prestigious university, replacing the next generation's bright young brains with the long game in mind.

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